Take advantage of leading environmentally clean technologies which allow to make your house light and comfortable,
and also substantially reduce expenses on heating, hot water-supply and ventilation.

We will help you to build the house of the future today.

Sun Solatube - sun illumination TEPS - sun heating Transformation of heat Solar Star - sun ventilation The Reserve source of heat Accumulation of heat


Complex system of alternative heat and energy providing of object:
  • Autonomy
  • Decreasing of thermal losses
  • Utilization of sun energy, heats of soil and vent troop landings
  • Seasonal accumulation of surpluses of heat

The systems offered by us are based on the use of natural and accessible for everybody energy sources: a sun, air, water, earth.


Thermal panels, allowing to collect heat of sun radiation and surrounding air for providing hot water-supply and heating.

Solatube ®

Daily illumination of apartments by natural sunlight.

Solar Star ®

Autonomous ventilation of garret apartments, using energy of a sun.

Heat pump

Heat pump, equipment for transformation of natural low-potential thermal energy for the needs of heating and hot water-supply.

Caldron, working on arboreal granules

A caldron working with the use of pellets ?arboreal granules, allowing to automatize the process of serve of fuel, comfortable in transporting and storage.

Seasonal accumulator of heat

The seasonal accumulator of heat allows to accumulate thermal surpluses of sun heat for subsequent periods.